Press Releases - 2011 Archive


Related to the note published in Lift Report Magazine no.4/2011, page.121, in German language, 
with the title “Mitsubishi fasst Fuß in Rumänien” (Mitsubishi takes root in Romania), 
Elmas company would like to point out as follows:
Elmas has not been taken over by any other company, and continues to run its business in 
the same conditions as before, having the same partners and 4 distinct profit centers: forklift trucks, 
overhead travelling cranes, elevators (lifts), storage systems and forestry equipments.
Within the “Elevators” profit center, as we have publicly announced*, starting from 2011 Elmas company 
commercializes in Romania the innovative products developed by
Mitsubishi Elevators&Escalators Japan.
Besides striving for promoting this new product range, Elmas goes on with producing and supplying 
its own types of elevators (activity which has been started since 1994, while maintenance and 
repairing works have last since 1990).
Elevators produced by Elmas represent dedicated projects, realized as per customer special requests.

Linde Material Handling will pay more attention to Romania

In the article "Efficiency, ergonomics, performance" published in the supplement “Logistics” of “Transit” magazine on June 2011 is presented a material regarding collaboration between Linde Material Handling and Elmas, in addition with the new products launch by the German manufacturer in the CEMAT 2011 exhibition.

Close collaboration between Linde Material Handling and Demag Cranes&Components

Article entitled "Optimzed use of system" published in the May 2011 edition of the German magazine "Materialfluss" expose close collaboration between German companies, Linde Material Handling and Demag Cranes & Components.
The contribution of Demag installations are set out in production plants of Linde forklift trucks and assure a perfect interaction of all components involved on system. To access the article please follow this

Elmas is the Romanian supplier of Mitsubishi Elevators and Escalators

Elmas company has recently become the Romanian supplier of Mitsubishi Elevators and Escalators.
Now, our product range is extended with the elevators and escalators made by Mitsubishi.
Mitsubishi Elevators and Escalators is a major name in the elevators and escalators sector
with over 80 years of experience.
The innovative Mitsubishi products have opened up new possibilities in public space design.
Products development required years of dedicated research to overcoming physical, technical
and mechanical challenges involved. The culmination of decades of engineering experience is 
represented today by the super high-speed elevator. It provides a reliable riding experience with 
imperceptible vibration and noise.
Mitsubishi Elevators&Escalators is dedicated to creating better transport point-to-point
experiences for all.

The first John Deere forwarder 1210E delivered in Romania

Elmas has recently delivered  the first John Deere forwarder 1210E to an important client of logging operations from Romania.
The key features of the John Deere equipment are:
- rotating and leveling cabin (270 degrees cabin rotation)
- the new Timbermatic ™ automation
- load capacity 13 tons
- the powerful CF7 boom (380 degrees rotation)
- 6.8 liter John Deere PowerTech Plus™ engine, 136 kW power, 780 Nm torque
- VarioSpeed ™ stepless transmission (an exclusive option for the E-series forwarders)
- John Deere TimberLink™ machine performance follow-up and optimization tool.
Elmas company provides you a complete package of services for the entire 
range of John Deere forestry equipment.
For more details about the products please visit the website

Elmas celebrated 20 years of existence

In late October 2010 Elmas celebrates 20 years of activity and innovation in material handling equipments.
At headquarters in Brasov have been gathered in a festive guests from among internal and external business partners, local and central authorities to commemorate the 20 anniversary in the spirit of "Integrity", "Trust", "Partnership" .
Elmas history begins in 1990, while among the 12 founders came with idea to organize themselves in a private company having as main activitity the maintenance of elevators, laying the foundation of Elmas with  100% Romanian private capital contribution.
Today, Elmas is a regional specialist in material handling equipments, with a network of branches nationally and regionally, with a total of approximately 260 employees.
During the 20 years of existence the company has followed the upward rout Elmas now become a major player in the material handling market in Romania and continuously developing new products and concepts and respond to the most current demands.