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25 years of Elmas in Brasov:

From a service workshop for elevators to a leader in the material handling field

The company Elmas Brasov, leader in the lifting machinery market of Romania, celebrates 25 years of existence. In the month of July, 1990, the small enterprise Elmas was established and it only had 12 employees. A year later, they became shareholders of the limited liability company, Elmas, established in 1991 under Law 31/1990, with fully private and domestic capital. 
The main activity of the company was the servicing of elevators from residential buildings in Brasov, followed later by modernization and assembly works 
for elevators. 25 years later, Elmas is in the position to offer competent solutions and services in the field of forklift trucks, overhead cranes, 
elevators and parking or storage systems and in the field of forestry machinery.
Elmas manufactures in Brasov, at 33 Calea Feldioarei Street, overhead cranes under the DEMAG – A TEREX BRAND licence 
for loads of up to 200 tons, platforms for materials, load handling devices and different solutions related to lifting machinery. 
Since 1996, the company has been trading the full range of LINDE forklifts, for which it provides qualified service and original 
spare parts from its own permanent stock and it is headquartered in Brașov, 1Y Griviței Boulevard. It manufactures and sells 
electric and hydraulic elevators under the Elmas brand and, to complete the range, our company has sold and assembled 
since 2011 MITSUBISHI elevators as well. The entire range of elevators will be distributed in the future from the central distribution 
point located in Cernica, Ilfov County.
”At first, we started with small steps to develop the portfolio of works, aiming to gain certain notoriety in the market, being in competition 
with state-owned enterprises still operating in the market of lifting machinery. Based on the policy to reinvest the profit of the company 
and to develop a full and integrated package for lifting machinery, we managed to achieve a turnover of one million euros in 1999. 
The peak turnover was recorded in 2008, when we ended the year with 28 million euros,” said Marius Paraipan, Brand Manager Elmas Brasov.
Today, the Romanian market is more mature and it includes the most important players in the field. The economic crisis greatly diminished 
the lifting machinery market and the purchasing decision was largely based on low prices. Elmas had to implement measures to reduce costs 
and increase productivity while supporting investments. ”All these measures and the continued application of the principle of maintaining the quality 
of our products and services brought us today to the position of leader in the field of lifting machinery in Romania,” added Marius Paraipan.

Large investments in the overhead cranes and forklifts divisions
The development of the company has also led to the opening of a network of branches in the country - Bucharest, Constanta, Timisoara, 
Targu Mures etc.,  as well as abroad - Sophia, Szeged or Chișinau.
Starting with last year, the business development has focused on creating separate areas of production, installation and service for each 
profit centre - cranes, forklifts, elevators and forestry machinery.
Through recent investments in production capacity uptake, but also by retrofitting, the Elmas business is strengthening its four main divisions.
Thus, in order to expand the manufacturing capacity for cranes and complex metal structures, we invested for the acquisition of the necessary 
locations 3.75 million euros in Brasov – 33 Calea Feldioarei Street and, for the refurbishment, we are going to invest another 3.5 million euros
In the period 2014-2015 we have been investing 1.5 million euros to equip a department for forklift upcycling, located at the headquarters of 
Elmas in Brasov, 1Y Grivitei Boulevard.
Also, for the establishment of a regional John Deere Forestry sales & service centre in Sanpaul -  Mures County, Elmas invested 1.5 million euros 
and it was officially inaugurated in the first half of 2014.

European structural funds for our own test laboratory
Elmas has developed an investment of 5.363 million lei for its own test laboratory, supported by structural funds. 3.124 million lei of this investment 
were provided by Elmas. The main advantage offered by this laboratory, where five jobs were created, is the increase of the competitiveness of 
marketed products and the development of research and development.
The test laboratory conducts its research in four areas - applied research in the hydraulic field, research in the field of applied industrial electronics, 
measurements of length and mass characteristics of materials and metallography and mechanical characterization of materials.
Starting with 2013, the laboratory has been authorized by ISCIR for conducting specific destructive and non-destructive tests. The activity in the laboratory 
also led to obtaining the DNV certification for special welding procedures performed during the manufacture of products.

Complete package of services
For all the marketed products, Elmas has created a complete package of services - professional service, installation, technical exams, design, 
technical consulting, original spare parts, warranty and post-warranty.
The company has developed a system for the remote monitoring of installations (called SED) that can be delivered with most of the marketed lifting machinery. 
It has also developed a VPN network through which it creates a direct connection with service technicians at the headquarters and the service personnel present at the customer’s premises, to remedy faults in real-time, a toll free Service Call Centre, available 24/24 h.

We invest in research and development
Elmas aims to be an innovative company. In these conditions, in the next period it will invest in the research and development of new products that meet technical requirements and guidelines and in the refurbishment of production facilities and in creating working conditions at European standards. For the next period, 
the company aims to start the Linde forklifts upcycling through significant investments in order to create an important benchmark in this segment in Eastern Europe. 
In the future, the action plan includes the establishment of a central distribution point for elevators located in Cernica, Ilfov County.

The company is also involved in project of the Kronstadt Vocational School, and in other actions to attract young people from high schools (e.g. the Remus Radulet Highschool of Brasov) and faculties (e.g. The Transilvania University of Brasov, The Faculty of Technological Equipment from Bucharest, The Faculty of Construction from Pitesti) to the industrial field.

Elmas Brasov has increased its business by a third in 2014

Elmas SRL, a company from Brasov and a leading manufacturer of material handling, closed 2014 with a turnover of 22 million euros, an increase by 30% in relation to the previous year. The headway made by the business was mainly due to the growth in the production of steel structures and industrial cranes, as important contracts were concluded both domestically and internationally, and to the increased sales volume in the segment of lifting and stacking equipment, as well as that of high capacity elevators.
Elmas Brasov has budgeted for this year investments amounting to 1.5 million euros,
targeting the retrofitting of the existing production lines and activities related to reconditioning forklift trucks.

The company completed last year the investment of 3.75 million euro which consisted of acquiring the production
assets of a local company in the field of steel structures. There were also carried acquisitions of new equipment
worth 1.5 million euros for the production segment of metal structures and industrial cranes.
Furthermore, in 2014 was completed the investment in the Regional Center for Service & Sales Elmas - John Deere Forestry,
which covers an area of 22.000 square meters, totaling about two million euros. Elmas Brasov currently employs 314 people,
and this year it will increase its personnel by 5%, planning to recruit engineers, electro mechanics, locksmiths and welders.