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STONE elevator, 1st place at the "Project of the year 2019" contest, ELEVATOR WORLD

A 100% Romanian project, the elevator installed in the Time Tunnel of the Bran Castle was internationally recognized as the uniqueness of this model made the jury members of the "Elevator World" World Contest that took place in the USA award it the 1st prize in the "Special Purpose Elevators" category. Among the elevators that competed in this World Contest and that won prizes in other categories there are models produced by well known manufacturers of Germany, UK, USA or Japan (Mitsubishi Electric).

A project compared to a diamond
Through this project, the Bran Castle increased the range of services it offers to the tourists fascinated by history, the beautiful story of the Queen Mary and the myth of Count Dracula. Present in Bran for the official award of this prize, Mr. Bülent Yilmaz, Managing Director of Elevator World, Europe Division, said that the elevator designed by Elmas company of Brasov is like a diamond. “This is a very special prize as it was awarded to a truly special elevator, different from the one used every day. According to the statements of Technical Committee specialists, the name of the company, Elmas, means diamond in various languages and this project also is like a diamond, "explained Bülent Yilmaz.

Unique 100% Romanian Concept
The construction of the entire Time Tunnel is a unique, 100% Romanian and it was executed in a historical monument in special conditions, in the underground, using special technologies because the geometry of the tunnel and of the dome requires sections that never repeat and that are highly difficult to execute. 12 miners displaced 330 cubic meters of rock of various hardnesses to increase the section of the shaft and the horizontal tunnel. There were 29,000 hours of work performed with a total of 1,900 cubic meters of digging, the equivalent to 100 trucks, and 420 cubic meters of special concrete were cast, the equivalent of 100 concrete mixers. Moreover, the elevator cabin is specially designed for this tunnel, it is unique, it has the longest travel distance licensed in Romania, 31 meters, between the two stations, the start and the stop. A challenge for the designers who had to find an innovative solution for the emergency exit: a trap door in the roof of the cabin and an electric lifting mechanism which was assembled in the upper part of the elevator. At the same time, the elevator is equipped with earthquake, smoke, temperature and humidity sensors and also with gas detection sensors. If they activate, the elevator cabin shall be directed to the upper station. The travel speed is flexible so that it can adapted to the needs and the media scenarios and inside the elevator we assembled state of the art screens, photo and video cameras making it possible to change the video show whenever desired. “This trophy we have been awarded is for all the team who completed the project. Performance was made possible only by the collective effort of all 420 employees of the Company. It is a unique project for which we obtained all the necessary operating certificates.”, said Marton Geza Roth, the General Manager of Elmas.

Time Tunnel in figures
According to the data of the Bran Domain Management Company, the figures speak for themselves: 20 kilometers of cable routes, over 150 sensors, 60 servers and control systems, 5 independent audio systems, 80 controllable sound channels, intelligent lighting, special effects equipment, position, presence and facial expression detection sensors, 120 dedicated software and applications. A 100% Romanian project for which even soundtrack was created by Romanian composers and sound editors, the whole content being produced for the Time Tunnel to describe the history and culture of the Bran Castle and of the geographical area it belongs to.

Elmas Company was established in 1990, having 100% Romanian shared capital. The main business of the company is the manufacture of lifting and handling equipment. The registered office of the company is in Braşov and the production, warehousing, repair and administrative areas lay on 70.000 square meters. The company has eight national bias points and three companies with the same business field in the neighboring countries Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary.

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