Press Releases - 2017 Archive

Remanufacturing of LINDE Forklift Trucks by the Upcycling method

Elmas Company, Linde Material Handling dealer in Romania, offers products resulting from an upcycling made in Brasov. The aim of the Upcycling process is to reduce recyclable waste and to reuse the potentially useful materials, through their reuse. The upcycling process involves the remanufacturing of the forklifts through the reuse of viable and unspoiled components and resulted from dismantling, their rehabilitation and reuse for reassembling diesel or LINDE electric forklift trucks. 

This remanufacturing process applies only to forklift trucks that are in an advanced stage of degradation, with a destination for recycling,  being unsalable, with an expired lifespan, regardless of them coming back from clients, redeemed or being bought back items. Compared to a reconditioning, remanufacturing means a full dismantling of the machine, checking and replacing of worn components and subassemblies, to the last screw. All large metal parts (counterweight, cabin frame, etc.) are blasted, checked, if necessary replaced and repainted, returning to the assembly line where a new engine is fitted, if needed and all other components. The parts that no longer correspond or are unsafe for the operation are replaced with brand new genuine LINDE parts. However, after remanufacturing, forklifts have a very neat appearance, the equipment being offered with 
a warranty for 2 years / 2000 operating hours and a lifespan of 10 years, during which 
we provide service and spare parts. The equipment is delivered with a new documentation 
according to 2006/42/EC, a new identification plate and "0" hours indicatory on board 
for operation. The resulting product from the upcycling process is for sale or lease. 

Elmas Company is a Linde Material Handling certified dealer since 1996 and it has grown 
to offer a complete package of products and premium services, dedicated to satisfy 
the market requirements, through the departments of professionals from the sales, rentals 
and service sectors. The forklift upcycling line, with a total area of 1080 square meters, 
was commissioned at mid 2016, following an investment of 700,000 Euros. 
This process of upcycling gets to a saving of resources and raw materials, having a positive impact 
on the environment. By opening up the new line for forklift upcycling, Elmas expands its product range 
in the field of material handling, providing access to quality equipment and services.

Elmas Brasov has increased six times their capital to attract more customers key

Late last year the company Elmas Brasov, a leader in material handling, increased its share capital from 4.1 million RON to 24 million RON (5.35 million euros). According to company representatives, the decision was taken in order to increase reliability in the market and attract many high profile clients. "The capital increase was made from profit reserves from previous years," said company representatives.
Brasov-based Company has grown its business by 15% last year, reaching 26.6 million euros,
a rate which aims to keep also this year. "Also, in accordance with the international political situation,
we forecast a 15% increase in exports" , said also company representatives.

If last year the company in Brasov had an investment budget of 1.52 million euros (a part of investment
used to complete the upcycling Linde forklift trucks department), this year could jump over this value investments.
The most important goals are to build a new headquarters for the Bucharest office, building and equipping 
a canteen at the new plant of metal parts purchased three years ago, installing photovoltaic panels on 
the production hall, installing a landfill gas and designing a automated parking system in the historic center of Brasov. 
The company will also create 20 new jobs, having more than 350 people by the end of 2017. 

Last year, Elmas developed the first Romanian passenger elevator with energy efficiency class A, a new range 
of slewing jib cranes, a V TYPE Demag industrial crane - as a result of a license bought in 2015, an independent 
automated archiving system and the upcycling of forklift trucks and rental equipment activities, as well as 
offering a complete package of services. 

The plans for 2017 are to develop a platform for vertical auto transport with attendant (with product type approval) and 
an inclined passenger elevator. Also, this year, in accordance with the Machinery Directive, the company aims to obtain 
a RENAR Certification for its own Mechanical Testing Laboratory and a Total Quality Certification.